What is home care?

Home care is professional healthcare that is provided at a patient’s residence, whether they live alone or with family members, or in an apartment, a home, or an assisted living facility.

What is Prairieland Home Care?

Prairieland Home Care is a home health agency comprised of a team of highly qualified registered nurses, certified home health aides, therapists, and social workers who conveniently serve patients in their residences within a 50-mile radius of Spring Valley, Illinois (LaSalle, Bureau, Putnam, Marshall, Lee, Stark and Whiteside counties).

How do I arrange for home care?

At Prairieland Home Care, anyone can refer a patient, including physicians, family members, friends, community agencies, and churches. Individuals can request Prairieland healthcare services for themselves as well.

Who does Prairieland serve?

We offer services to any person regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, disability, and/or ailment. We make no preferences in the acceptance and treatment of patients, the services provided, the use of equipment, and the assignment of personnel to treat our patients.

What is the cost for home care?

We are a Medicare/Medicaid-certified non-profit home health agency licensed by the state of Illinois. Charges are made on a per-visit basis. Payment for services may be covered by Medicare/Medicaid, Medicare Advantage, private insurance or by the patient. As a non-profit agency, we also provide charity care as needed.

How can I help?

Prairieland Home Care is a Christ-centered non-profit organization started by the Sisters of Mary of the Presentation. Donations or memorials will help us distribute charitable healthcare services to those who are in need.