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Prairieland Home Care is a Non-profit Home Care provider in the Illinois Valley.

July 7, 2023

Prairieland Home Care located at 409 E 2nd St Spring Valley IL 61362 will no longer participate in the Medicare Program (Title XVIII of the Social Security Act) effective at the end of business on July 07, 2023.

The agreement between Prairieland Home Care in Spring Valley IL and the Secretary of Health and Human Services will be terminated at the end of business on July 07, 2023 in accordance with the provisions of the Social Security Act.

All medical records for the home health agency will be maintained at STEVENSON TRANSFER located at 300 W. Stevenson Rd Ottawa, IL 61350.

Any questions please contact Robert Lesmann at 701-228-4172 or write to: Prairieland Home Care, c/o Mr. Robert Lesmann, 1202 Page Drive S Fargo ND 58103, Phone Number  701-237-9290  or Cell Number 701-228-4172.


Robert Lesmann, Administrator




Prairieland Home Care

Prairieland Home Care is a team of professionally trained registered nurses, certified home health aides, therapists and social workers who conveniently serve patients at home within a 50 mile radius from the Spring Valley in LaSalle, Bureau, Putnam, Marshall, Lee, Stark and Whiteside counties in Illinois. Whether you live in an apartment, personal residence, assisted living facility or with a family member, we will bring healthcare directly to you. We are in constant communication with your physician.

Our professional staff will assist in implementing a specialized home care program based on physician orders, individual needs and available community resources. Prairieland Home Care is sponsored by the Sisters of Mary of the Presentation, and is dedicated to helping communities provide quality healthcare services coupled with Christian compassion.

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Home Care Visits
Our healthcare focuses on three key areas of our home care visits: communication, case management, and spiritual care.
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Skilled Nursing
Our healthcare professionals offer quality healthcare to meet physical, social, psychological, and spiritual needs.
Our mission is to serve those in our care with respect and compassion as we strive to fulfill the healing mission of Jesus Christ.